Additional Resources

The following resources are available for purchase. Select a resource for more details.

Resource Hebrew Out Loud Tutorial CD
  • Teaches Hebrew consonants and vowels
  • Teaches vocalization of Hebrew
  • Formatted as an interactive computer tutorial for pc (or mac, through pc emulation software)
  • Introduces vowels, consonants, final forms
  • Enables vocalization of progressively longer words, with full audio support
  • Offers assessments to let the student sense his or her progress
  • Guides students to read a Bible verse
  • Offers songs for the alphabet, numbers, pronouns, verbs, and a Bible verse
  • Tutorial format allows self-paced instruction, thus reducing learner-stress.
  • Audio reinforcement facilitates accurate pronunciation.
  • Recyclable assessments motivate mastery.
  • Use of music aids memorization of key information.
Suggested Use Assign “Hebrew Out Loud” for the first week of class to help students learn the alphabet and vocalization of Hebrew words. If possible, encourage students to begin using it before the first class session. Then let them demonstrate in the first class how much they have learned.
Cost $20 (plus shipping)
To Order Contact Paul Overland (

Download an excerpt of the wordbook here.

Resource Millim: Words for Conversation in the Biblical Hebrew Classroom
Purpose Makes a wide array of common classroom expressions conveniently accessible in the target language
  1. "How are you?" (a sample conversation)
  2. "I am not fine" (emotions)
  3. One day in Kiriath-Sefer (a sample class session)
  4. In our room (classroom objects, activities)
  5. Commandments (classroom imperatives)
  6. Questions (interrogatives)
  7. "I suppose that..." (expressions for discussions)
  8. Language (grammatical terms)
  9. "So it rained... for forty days" (seasons and weather)
  10. To study the Torah (exegetical discussions)
  11. Time and miscellany
  • Wherever possible, presents authentic Biblical Hebrew.
  • Encourages language acquisition by experimentation.
  • Provides convenient access to common classroom expressions (e.g., "Raise your hand if you know" or "Turn to page 27").
  • Allows students to say what is meaningful to them (e.g., "I have a question" or "I am tired today").
  • When used as an open resource (not an assignment) it reduces stress.
Suggested Use The instructor may periodically point out key expressions that he / she finds useful for the course, encouraging memorization of those items. Use the section on emotions (§2) to let class members express how they are actually doing. Encourage students to keep מִלִּים לְשִׂיחָה on their desk, referring to it whenever needed.
To Order Contact Paul Overland (

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Resource TALMID Workshop* for Instructors of Classical Hebrew
Purpose To enable Hebrew instructors to employ Second Language Acquisition methods, and realize resulting advantages
  • Accelerated language acquisition
  • Extended language retention
  • An increase in higher-order insights when reading target-language texts
Information To learn more about benefits, schedule, registration and fees, please go to

*TALMID stands for “Teaching with Advanced Language Methods Including Dialogue.”